Mira Fisher, Singapore

“Ruchi figures out what you need and helps you achieve it! From my first meeting with Ruchi I knew she was the coach I was looking for. She helped me gain my confidence back, concentrate on the important things in life and become the happy, relaxed and confident me. It is such a pleasure working with Ruchi that I highly recommend her sessions to all. Thank you Ruchi!”

Marianne Mudd, Singapore

“I was lucky enough to meet with Ruchi not long after I moved to Singapore. Whilst I was excited to have moved here, I had also been pretty upset at leaving family, friends and my career behind, and was in an odd place personally as I didn’t know what I wanted to do or be even as I had always been driven by my career before. One meeting with Ruchi was enough for me to organise my thoughts and tell myself (and Ruchi) what my objectives were for my time in Singapore… my own personal goals for my family life, my own health, my own career and my marriage. Two years on and I reflect back on how useful that was as I still look back to those objectives when I am a bit lost in myself… Thank you Ruchi!”

Neha Kumar, Hong Kong

“Soon after having my second child, having given up my career temporarily, I felt a void in my life. I didn’t know who I was besides being a mom to my kids. When I met Ruchi and understood what life coaching was, I wanted to give it a try to see if this is what I needed to help me. As I started seeing her, I felt I was seeing more hope, clarity towards attaining my long-term goals in life. She made me list out my priorities, which made me see myself in a different light and helped me work towards the balance I always wanted to achieve as a career woman and mom. I am much happier and content in life now thanks to Ruchi. She’s compassionate, emphatic and lead me to find my own path. I am so grateful and highly recommend sessions with her to anyone who may be dealing with any sort of personal issues.”

Anisha Shah, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Life Coaching can be a great tool in assisting one in making decisions and achieving goals. There is no better person than Ruchi Parekh to assist you through this process. She is highly gifted and intuitive person who is immediately able to get straight to the bottom of it, then help assimilate and construct your thoughts and direct and drive them in the best direction for you. I’d highly recommend her.”

Vidhi Shorewala, Mumbai, India

“Life is a rollercoaster and many a times the twists and turns can pull you down.Ruchi is the perfect coach who helps you not only to get back on the ride, but to enjoy it with confidence, enthusiasm and verve.I’m very thankful to have had her for a coach,her positivity,approach and problem solving skills really helped me to overcome obstacles in my life.”

Kanchan Pansari, Singapore

“It was my first experience of life coaching and I had underestimated the power of it, but guess what? It made me hit my problems bang on.. Ruchi Parekh was amazing in the the way she handled and understood me and the chaos going on in my life and she helped put everything in proper perpective!! Ruchi is charming, logical, level headed, she has the calming effect on you… just what one would want in a Life Coach!!”

Aparna Agarwal, Singapore

“I met Ruchi as a Friend to discuss my personal struggle at work and balancing my life with kids. While my work was giving me a personal self satisfaction, somewhere there was a guilt factor that my work was at the cost of my kids time. Ruchi gave me a perspective on what I really want and how to balance out my work life. What she said to me Instead of taking it or leaving it, there can be a solution of a mid way. Many times we think life or situations are black or white but Ruchi showed me several shades of grey in between and I am really thankful to her for that.”

Akanksha Gupta, Singapore

“I took coaching sessions with Ruchi, while I was in between jobs and had moved to Singapore. Ruchi was very motivational in getting my spirits up and making me focus on what I need to do to achieve my goals. Her enthusiastic and positive attitude is contagious, and I would highly recommend her services.”

Reeti Panigrahi, Singapore

“Ruchi has been a great mentor / coach for me and guided me whenever I have felt Low and directionless. I have visited her thrice formally and she has given me great inputs to bounce back and feel good about myself. Her ideas are very practical, easy to follow and if put to use consistently makes a great positive impact to life. Simple things like emphasising on writing down the positive things we have in our life every morning kept me upbeat. Most importantly I have never hesitated to call her / reach out to her and express my sorrows / frustrations. She is always there and understands that You have an issue and doesn’t keep a very professional formal relationship yet maintains your privacy which makes it easy to approach her. thanks Ruchi for always being there.”

Tina Talwar, Singapore

“Working with Ruchi has been an incredibly enriching experience. Her clarity of thought, incisive questioning and calm demeanour have worked wonderfully in guiding me through the process to achieve my goals. So glad I chose to work with her. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”


“My session with ruchi gave me a New perspective on the issue at hand. She is warm, patient and has a good listening ear and sometimes that’s what makes it better. Her take on the matter made me see it in a better light and her suggestions were easy to implement and very useful.”


“Ruchi is truly a people person . Had a session with her and she helped me with clearing my thoughts and helped me find solutions that worked best for me…Highly recommend a session with Ruchi.”


“I had an amazing session with Ruchi. She really makes you feel comfortable and at ease so you can open up and speak about the issues you are having. It’s seamless as if you are speaking to your best friend/sister and it helps you unravel what’s bothering and have clarity on how you can resolve the issues. I wouldn’t have tried going to life coach if it hadn’t been Ruchi. I highly recommend you try her and feel the experience for yourself.”

Payal Parikh, Mumbai, India

“Some times life pulls you into many different directions and it just leaves you pondering upon what’s going on. Thats when Ruchi came along and she actually taught me how to take action and do something about it. She not only gave me a patient listening but more importantly made me listen to my inner voice. She helped me deal with situations wherein earlier I would victimise myself but now emerge as a winner. She is an absolute live wire who can enthuse and encourage someone even when he or she is at an all time low. She truly is my ‘go to’ person and I really want to thank her for coaching me back to life.”

Jasveer Malaney, President – ICF Singapore Chapter

“On behalf of the Exco, I would like to thank you for all your support to lead and manage the Community of Practice, (COP) on Life Coaching since September 2016. Your events were well organized and designed to deepen the learning as well as were in collaboration with others, which allowed the members to learn from the sharing by you and fellow coaches. You have worked hard and have been diligent and focused in making each event better for your colleagues.  As a person you are a calm and level headed, a natural & genuine listener and with your excellent interpersonal skills you engaged the new and old members to settle in well – all great ingredients for a successful coach.  You are an eager learner, and equally committed to giving back and the dedication and heart you have put to plan out these events is a testimony to that. We have been privileged to have you as a part of ICF Singapore Team and wish you the very best in your coaching career.”

Ruth Waldron, Singapore

“A really excellent life coach, who supports her clients in their journey to realize their goals. A very astute, professional, encouraging, practical and warm person. I highly recommend life coach Ruchi Parekh.”

Gautam Talwar, Singapore

“Ruchi is a natural coach. She is calm, intuitive and wise beyond her years. She holds up a mirror, listens well, frames your alternatives, then gives you the healthy nudge to make your own choices.”