Transformational Coaching Program

Are you feeling bogged with the rigours of daily life and you feel that you just cannot manage the various roles you play without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

Do you feel worked up every time you hear the words, “routine”, “balance”, “stress-free”? Have you tried to rearrange your life but failed?

Would you like to make some major changes and completely reinvent your life? Would you like to feel more in control? Are you ready for a new you? Are you ready for a life and/or business makeover?

Making such a bold move can be scary, but it can also transform a mundane existence into an exciting and passionate adventure. One thing is for sure – this kind of transformation deserves some careful forethought and planning.

The secret to completely reinventing your life successfully is to start with the person you are at your very core and work outwardly from there. This guarantees that your new life becomes a meaningful and accurate reflection of your true self. A by-product of which is looking at yourself and your life in a positive new light.

It is a 3-month Program with 4 sessions a month. 3 sessions will consist of one on one coaching sessions either in person, skype or voice call. 4th session is a “self care” session that will be dedicated to “homework and reflection”. We will then have a short call of 10 minutes for any questions you may have or any information you would like to share post reflection.

During the Program, you will learn:

  • How to identify the source of your stress
  • Where it comes from and how to check for triggers
  • How to deal with it
  • How to transform the way you look at life and face it in a more positive and upbeat manner
  • Most importantly, how to be kind to yourself

As part of the program you will also receive exclusive material and tools to keep and work with whenever you feel yourself getting weak again or giving in to your old self.