Leadership has many aspects. It does not only mean guiding others forward, it also means leading and guiding yourself forward first.

Are you feeling left behind on account of your fears and inhibitions?

Do you think you need to work on your fears?

What do you think makes a person overcome their fears and win over?

Are you having trouble motivating yourself, atleast not in a positive and engaging way?

Do you feel you are not actively growing as a person?

Is there dissatisfaction or discontent in your life?

Leadership includes creating a change for the better. To do so takes boldness, courage, persistence, faith and fearlessness! If you are looking to overcome your fears and forge ahead, this program is for you.

This is a 4-month Program with 4 sessions a month. 3 sessions a month will consist of one on one coaching sessions either in person, over skype or a voice call. The 4th session of the month is a “self care” session that will be dedicated to “homework and reflection”. We will then have a short call of 10 minutes for any questions you may have or any information you would like to share post reflection.


During the Program, you will learn:

  • How to motivate yourself
  • Face your fears courageously
  • To embrace your weaknesses and imperfections and turn them into your strengths
  • How to be bold in the face of adversity and challenges
  • How to live your life fearlessly with complete contentment


As part of the program you will also receive exclusive material and tools to keep and work with whenever you feel the need to continue improving.