This morning I woke up feeling really dull and drab. The last few days have been rough with my daughter being very unwell; hence I’ve barely slept. We also just got back from an amazing holiday so maybe I was feeling the holiday hangover as well.

I usually have a morning routine that I follow to help me set the tone of my day (more about that later) but this morning nothing was working. I was done with my routine and yet feeling like crap.

For some reason, I was feeling really sorry for myself, being a complaint – box about how hard things are for me at times. I have two young kids who really need me, I need make sure the house is running smoothly and ALSO run a business which is so important to me.

I think a part of me was enjoying wallowing in self-pity but the thing about doing that is that it’s a downward spiral and luckily I have enough awareness about it to check myself rather quickly. So I decided to think of all the things that perk me up, basically what I call my “back-up tools”. While I was deciding on how to make myself feel better, I chanced upon the blog of a fellow coach who spoke about celebrating one’s achievements and how important it is.

That totally struck a chord with me. I love journaling and I usually run to the journal for everything in my life and that is exactly what I needed to do right now to feel better. So I started journaling about my accomplishments and boy did that work!

It made me feel so good about myself and was an instant confidence booster as well. I felt so proud of all that I have achieved. I wrote pages and pages of stuff I have accomplished over the years, things that I had completely forgotten about or just not given importance to.

That is why journaling is so important.

That is why celebrating your accomplishments are so necessary.

We are so busy running our lives that we forget to stop and take stock of what all we have achieved. We are so focused on the end goal that we don’t enjoy the journey.

Take a moment and pause. Celebrate yourself and your life. It will just act as a catalyst to help you do better.

You will succeed no matter what. Don’t worry about that. But don’t forget to also focus on the small successes on the way too and it will make the journey even more enjoyable and fun.

It was not easy sharing this vulnerable side of me being low and not happy when I am always telling my clients to snap out of it but I felt it was important for me to share my true self with you guys and show you that I am human too and even I go through the same ups and downs.

The biggest lesson for me from this exercise was to value where I am today and be grateful for all that I have achieved. I want to ensure I don’t get lost in chasing goals, while not celebrating what I already have.

I want to work more and achieve more but I will also love and show gratitude for everything I have achieved this far.

What do you think about it? Do you also forget to celebrate and be grateful for all that you have already done while chasing other dreams.

Use this post as a sign to stop and take stock and it will help you succeed even more!