Every couple of weeks I like to take stock of how my days are going and what progress I have made in my personal and professional life. It helps me understand where I stand at the present moment and also what changes need to be made in order to achieve my ultimate BIG goals. Everything I do is my “baby steps” to achieving my BIG goals.

So today I’m sharing with you a simple exercise that I do every few weeks to check on my progress and understand what worked for me and also what did not work.

You will be amazed at how constantly checking in, helps you progress and reach your goals feeling  more accomplished, fulfilled and happier!

It’s an extremely simple exercise but its benefits are tremendous:

What worked!

  • Setting goals
  • Having a routine
  • Slowing down
  • Showing gratitude
  • Accepting my shortcomings
  • Approving and loving myself despite my shortcomings
  • Exercising
  • Listening to my body
  • Not making comparisons
  • Being consistent with everything I do


What did not work!

  • Rushing to achieve goals
  • Stressing to complete tasks at hand
  • Pushing myself when I was not feeling up to it.
  • Ignoring my intuition
  • Losing my temper
  • Feeling guilty for not doing enough
  • Complaining

This exercise does not only help with professional goals but also helps with your personal goals.

It is very important to constantly check in with yourself  to see how you’re doing. This helps you understand where you stand internally and also gives you the opportunity to make amends if things are not going as per plan.

Check in with yourself and find out how you are actually doing and feeling. Use words of encouragement and inspire yourself, become your own best friend! At times, we don’t realise but we are so critical of ourselves that we end up demotivating ourselves. Thanks to that, everything that we had in mind, all our grand plans go down the drain. If you want to succeed in any sphere , you need to first succeed in winning over your mind and keeping it happy. If you are miserable and unhappy, its going to be very hard to succeed professionally in your career.

So take care of yourself, your mind and body in addition to taking care of your career and work environment. It will make achieving your BIG goals and succeeding much easier!