Having It all Doesn’t Mean Doing It All At 100% It may sound very strange to you but let me be the one to break the myth. You can have it all even if you don’t do it all! Let me explain further.

Women believe that it’s not possible to be a career woman, an involved mother and a loving partner all at once. Because we want to give our 100% to every role we play. And that my dear leads to nothing but burnout. If you want to #HaveItAll it depends on how you define having it all”.

#HavingItAll can mean scheduling your time so that you are able to achieve about 80% of what you want in each area of your life. Trying to do everything at 100%, usually leads to stress, misery and failure. Which is exactly what I and many of us women do. We want to achieve 100% and do 100% for everything. But that is physically and mentally impossible for an average person.

#HavingItAll involves:

· Knowing your strengths and using them

· Delegate stuff you are not good at or keen at

· Don’t be so hard on yourself if you can’t do something

· Your best is different from another’s best

· Stop vying for perfection

· Give yourself permission to #HaveItAll

The magic number might not be 80% for everyone. But the point is that it’s about acknowledging your limitations and understanding yourself better. #HavingItAll is definitely possible but have it at your terms and not one decided by the world.

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