I’m so tired of hearing the phrase “HavingItAll” as well as “work-life balance” being thrown around all the time, especially in HR circles because it is so misleading. How can you use those words to describe the push and pull of life. Those little phrases don’t do justice to it. They mean different things to different people and yet they leave so much out of the picture. So many women professionals find themselves struggling with the desire to have a “work-life balance” and the desire to ‘have it all’. Society expects women to work like they don’t have families and mother like they don’t have to work on anything else! Yes, it’s very unfair but that’s how it’s been for us for decades if not centuries! However, the concept of Work-life balance suggests that life is a neatly divisible pie, which can be easily split into various parts to fit the roles one plays. Life, however, isn’t like that. It is in constant flux, forever changing and moving forward. Work and life are like fluid layers – mixing with each other with varying levels of importance, changing often, sometimes on a daily basis. What is important for you today may not be so tomorrow. For eg. If your child is unwell, your priority for that week will be to get your child fit and better again and another week if you have a big presentation coming up, you will be focused on getting it ready in time. So instead of working hard to compartmentalize the various roles you play, what if you could bring them into harmony instead? Celebrate the overlap of the various roles in your life rather than trying to force them apart, and lead a happier more peaceful existence. This begins with first defining your own definition of having it all. What works for another may not necessarily for you and vice versa. Understand what having it all means to YOU.

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