It’s not just about parents. Juggling is the new normal for everyone. “Working from home”, especially when you can’t isolate yourself since your full family is in the house is very hard. The matter is how to merge your home and work lives. We are used to having separate physical spaces and now suddenly it’s all merged. Even if you don’t have kids, your partner or parents are around the house. You need to take turns in house chores as well. You need to cook, clean, do dishes. And you have to do all that in between work. What used to be the struggle and juggle for women only is now faced by men too to some extent. They are home with the kids, wife and will need to share responsibilities. Have the kids screaming in the background while they are working or taking calls. I want to address the elephant in the room. Earlier it was mainly women juggling the various roles, now it’s both men and women. And it’s really hard for some who have never had to do this juggle. This is new territory especially for men who have to just manage the financial burden of the family. Now they have to also contribute in other aspects. I want to reach out to all the men here and say, “YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB!” It may sound like a very daunting task but with a bit of patience and understanding you will get into the swing of things. These are my 5 simple tips to help you juggle work and life while working from home:

✅Check in with yourself FIRST What are your priorities, the things that you absolutely cannot do without or compromise on? You may have run your life in a certain way but now that way needs to be changed. That’s the beauty of life. You don’t have to subscribe to just one way of living for your entire life, it’s good to keep evolving and changing. Everything changes, and embracing those changes instead of fighting them will help in feeling fulfilled. And this situation is the perfect example of it. Take some time out to write down what your priorities are at the present moment and focus only on them.

✅Give yourself permission to go easy on yourself. The reason people are unhappy at present is because we are so hard on ourselves! We set these unrealistic benchmarks and do not take into account the changing scenario which is literally evolving on a daily basis. Please be kind to yourself. Give yourself permission to be YOU. Perfect in your imperfections. Victorious in your small defeats. The minute you go easy on yourself, the instant you give yourself permission that it’s ok to take it step by step, you will start noticing that you can juggle it all.

✅An attitude of gratitude This is perhaps the most important step in being to juggle work and life in the present scenario. People are left stranded without food or water. So many are infected, many dead. You are healthy and have a lot more than most. Give thanks. Show gratitutde and you will feel great. Start simple. Just write down THREE things you’re grateful for TODAY.

✅Choose where to invest your energy wisely. Stop running your life on autopilot! Consciously choose where you invest your time, energy, and money. Prioritize the things that help to make you feel happy, fulfilled, and energized – rather than those that pull you down. Fill your energy tanks more fully and frequently! This is crucial if we want to bring our strongest, most productive energy to our most important work and life experiences!

✅Set Boundaries Boundaries are essential to keep sane, even with your family. Sometimes understand and believe that “no” is enough. Use “I” statements, make a list of coping strategies – going for. Walk, taking a bath, listening to soothing music and having someone to vent to are a few.