Code Of Conduct

The field of coaching is not yet regulated, anyone can call himself a coach. Ruchi, however is an International Coach Federation certified coach and adheres to International Coach Federation standards, which means that she is highly trained and has made a commitment to abide by certain ethics, and is continuously working to improve her skills. She is also trained to listen, to observe and to customize her approach to individual client needs. She seeks to elicit solutions and strategies with and from the client; she believes the client is creative and resourceful. Her job is to provide support and guidance to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already possesses.

In addition, the following is the code of conduct Ruchi follows and would like you to know:


I aim to provide a high quality professional coaching service, which serves the needs and interests of my clients. I aim to support you in achieving your goals, career, health, wealth, contribution, relationships and mission. I aim to build long-term relationships with you and work with you across the challenges and varied phases of life.

My Values

Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Partnerships and Value of Time


I will make every effort to supply the coaching hours contracted to high standards. Should I make a mistake, I will seek to remedy it to your satisfaction.


In all my dealings I will maintain a high level of courtesy to my clients. I will reply to all and any enquiries at the earliest possible time.

Information and Assistance

Within the limits of maintaining the confidentiality of other clients, I will provide all the information and assistance that I can, to fulfill any contracts to the highest standards.


I will seek to be fair in all aspects of my business relationship with clients.


I will at all times respect the confidentiality of clients and will not divulge any information unless required to by the law.

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