Ruchi always starts a new relationship with a free 15-minute “no-commitment” meeting. Should you become a client, dates and times for future sessions can be decided. Sessions can be in-person, via telephone or video – Zoom.Sessions normally last 60 minutes.

A coaching relationship entails all aspects of the client’s life and therefore it’s important to make sure there is a rapport. This connection, and the trust that goes along with it, is fundamental to achieving success and solving any issues involved. Ruchi builds a close and trusting relationship with her clients. She keeps the client’s perspectives central and strives for new insights by exploring what is going on, both in the material the client offers and in the conversation itself as it unfolds. Clients find Ruchi easy to confide in and resourceful in guiding them along their journey. Ruchi has a reputation for being a good listener, not judging her clients, and respecting and protecting their confidences.

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