“Where Some of my Clients Work”


Vicky Hill, Singapore

“I decided to call Ruchi because I had a whole lot of issues going in with my work-life and home-life and felt completely lost. I am turning 39 in August and over the last couple of years, I have felt more anxiety than I ever have before and found these feeling lasting for much longer than before. I decided to sign up with Ruchi because of the recommendations I read on an FB group and because I decided that I would like to seek help, rather than try and resolve it on my own.

After each call I have had with Ruchi, I had a much more clearer mindset and was able to make decisions that helped me move towards what I needed. I felt sometimes that I always sort of knew what the correct thing to do was in my heart, but did not always have the conviction. Speaking to Ruchi helped me gain new perspective and let go of unnecessary hang ups within me to have more clarity. Yes, it helped me to make decisions about work and home life, that has definitely helped me to come to a better place – a place where I am happy to progress to, and have clearer goals.

I feel like I have a more positive mindset about things and feel more confident in myself. I accepted a job offer which I am very happy that I did now (but was very unsure of at the time) and got some issues at home sorted as well on to a healing path.

Ruchi has been extremely insightful and empathetic of my situation and I am in a much better place now because of her help and different perspective on things, which I had tunnel vision on. I guess this is normal when one dwells on their own problems – it’s a bit like having a personal trainer. You can try and exercise and diet to get your ideal body but
why not hire someone who can help guide you and encourage you through it. You don’t have to do it alone!”

 Akanksha Subramaniam, Singapore

Before I started working with Ruchi, I was riddled with completely unfounded guilt. Despite achieving amazing feats for a 22 year old, my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I felt unloved, and unable to make the people around me happy. All this coupled with repeated adverse events in life as well as a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, I really didn’t think I would feel any better.  I am so glad my path crossed with Ruchi’s!

The best thing about working with Ruchi is the visibility she gives you. She makes you feel seen, sees your pain and comforts you. She helps you come to terms with your experiences.

By working with her, I was not only able to accept that it’s normal to feel out of control, but from being able to accept that, I was able to gain control of my life again.

By respecting myself, I was able to delve deeper, and through methods Ruchi taught me, was able to be firm and nice at the same time. I now no longer feel the pressure to say yes to everything. I don’t worry about disagreeing with my family. I am in a space where I can stand up for my beliefs without disrespecting my family and friends. I am my own person today and the biggest change in my life is that I DO NOT apologise for taking up space. I DO NOT apologise for being me.

There are so many tangible results of our work together that I’m going to list them:
1. Not feeling guilty anymore
2. Not apologising for being me
3. Not apologising for taking up space
4. Not apologising for being a woman of colour
5. Not apologising for laughing loudly and being happy
6. Learning to say no
7. Addressing toxic relationships head on – either fix it or let it go!
8. Realising that I am not answerable to anyone but myself
9. Realising the power of non-violent communication – I don’t want to yell anymore;   I don’t need to hurt the people around me because I’m hurting myself.
10. Journaling – helps me clear my head and address any issues that arise through the activity
11. Creating + reminding me of my happy spaces
12. I learnt to love every part of myself, accept every bit of it
13. Realising that the only obligation I have is to myself. The world will carry on if I’m not there. My projects will not fall to the ground. PERSPECTIVE!

Today, my life is aligned with all the things that I want it to be. I have not only called out things in my immediate personal life, but in my professional life as well. I have learnt to accept that other people are on a different part of life’s journey. Their opinions of me are no reflection of who I am.
I learnt to only care about 2 or 3 people in my life. One of them is always me. This has allowed me to maintain those boundaries and really focus on ME.

The thing I particularly liked about working with Ruchi is that she always makes time for you. She becomes your friend, a pillar of strength, a pal that has your back and is cheering you on!
Her patience and her vulnerability made her more like a friend rather than a life coach. I didn’t have to worry that she would shut down my experiences or tell me that I was wrong. She helped to empower me with strength, helped me learn to love myself, and taught me how to apologise. I can now take a compliment without brushing it aside. I can finally see myself for everything that I am. I don’t shy away from thinking highly of myself. Ruchi taught me to respect myself. It didn’t end there.
I love the lists and activities that Ruchi made me do. These are tools that I am able to look back at when my self-esteem is low or when I feel guilty. She allowed me to recognise that these things take time to change. Being realistic about this was what really propelled my journey forward.

I would summarise my experience of working with her as – “Joyful and rewarding”. I wouldn’t hesitate before doing this again.

I have recommended her to my friends and family. I know a lot of people who would not justify spending money on themselves, but this is something that is worth it. Unlike materialistic gains, the tools that Ruchi gives you to empower yourself sets you on a path of life-long learning, growth and self-loving. I can’t wait to see what life has to throw my way!

Sapna Mulani, Singapore

Before I met Ruchi, I was struggling with lack of self-confidence and self-motivation. I was feeling discouraged and furious at the same time. My colleague recommended me to approach Ruchi. My first interaction with her went pretty smooth and the way she expressed that it is relatable and she has helped people with similar issues gave me more confidence to sign up.

The sequence of topics in the sessions were very helpful especially at that particular time. She also helped me with backup tools to keep me prepared. She addressed right areas of improvements and patiently listened to my side of the story. She explained the concept of “Inside-out” and how one must use it in everyday life. All in all, the solutions given were very straight forward and hence easy for me to implement and see results then and there.

Working with Ruchi addressed my lack of self-confidence and self-motivation. The backup tools are also very helpful. After working with her, I feel very light. I feel amazing. I feel very confident.

The most important tangible result was my productivity at work increased as I was able to identify and tackle the issues that affected my self-confidence. With the positive mindset, I was also able to change the job to a better and a bigger role.

The best part  of working with Ruchi was the “effortlessness” with which I was able to understand and apply the solutions suggested. I could witness the results right away.

Thank you Ruchi.

A.B., Singapore

“I was at a point in my life where I knew that I wasn’t happy especially with my career. I was tired of feeling this way and decided to try and get help. I looked through Facebook for recommendations, and you came highly recommended by a few people, so I decided to reach out to Ruchi. I am certainly happy with my decision. I felt a weight lifted after every session with you and I looked forward to the next.
Due to our work together, I have started practicing the inside-out mantra more often and trying to let go of everything that I cannot change. I have also used the wink and affirmations as much as I can remember to. It helps me snap out of feeling too overwhelmed and caught up in the moment. I used to also have terrible Monday blues. With the inside out mantra, I still dread Mondays but approach it with a much clearer and objective mindset.
The tangible result of our work together is, accepting that there are things I cannot control or change, and learning how to let go and move on from that. I am also accepting that the universe wants to help me, and I should allow that to happen more. This reminder does lift me up from my down moments, and allows me to think more clearly instead of being overwhelmed by depression.
You’re like sunshine, Ruchi. Always so positive, bubbly and smiling. One can’t help but feel much happier when speaking to you. You are also relatable in the experiences that you share. And while I love hearing you speak and deliver your wisdom, you’ve also always encouraged me to share my thoughts (something I am not usually used to doing).
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ruchi, even if it has only been 4 sessions. I wish you were a friend that I could speak to everyday as I do feel much better after speaking to you. Your tools have also helped me, and I do find myself looking back at the notes I take during our sessions, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed.
I would most definitely recommend you to my friends and family.”

K., Singapore

“Immediately after sessions with Ruchi I always feel very positive, hopeful and clear minded. It has been so beneficial for me to have someone to speak to, I think a great way to describe how I feel after a session with Ruchi is ‘lighter’.
I feel proud that I recognised that I needed help beyond just venting to my husband and took the step to reach out to someone. I feel relieved that I now have tools to assist me when I’m feeling a certain way, or need guidance to make a decision.
I am extremely pleased that I made the investment into coaching with Ruchi, I have found it really valuable for navigating my return to work after having a baby, charting a new course in my career and a general, much-needed mindset shift. The biggest change I’ve seen in myself since starting coaching is that I can catch myself when I’m feeling negative or confused, and I have the tools to dissect those feelings. I am a lot more positive in general, and can recognise things that are triggers for me. Overall my coaching experience has been wonderful, and came at a time that I really needed it for my mental health and to be able to move forward. I can’t thank you enough Ruchi!”

RC, Singapore

“I was at almost an all time Low, especially after a really tough pandemic period filled with tons of stuff that I had to deal with , not just at home but also at work and in the many community spaces that I work in – alongside the many personalities I meet. Super glad and ever grateful to Ruchi for her wonderful support and encouragement , as well as for all the tools she equipped with me to help me navigate situations better.. I am definitely much more confident, aware and able to take care of myself better- including how to deal with difficult situations! Many thanks dear Ruchi, life saver! 💕💕

SRC, Singapore

“I was recommended to you by a friend who said she found your coaching sessions very helpful in making certain life-changing decisions. I was definitely very happy with my decision to sign up for our sessions because through them, I gained a new perspective on how to tackle life’s challenges and move forward in a reassured, confident manner.

When we first started, I felt a little lost and in need of direction and guidance about the path I wanted to take — both at work and in my personal life. The inside-out framework that you introduced to me in our first session reframed the way I have been looking at life and the challenges and opportunities that come with it. Since then, I was able to make small but meaningful changes that have taken me to a much happier and satisfied place. With all of the tools you have shared during our sessions, I feel confident that whenever I feel lost or doubtful about my own abilities, I can turn to them and find the clarity I need to forge ahead.
One of the tangible result of our work together is that I have learned to be more assertive at work and in my personal life that has allowed me to set clear boundaries with people, communicate better my likes and dislikes and those, in turn, have changed how happy or satisfied I feel at any point in time.
I particularly appreciated the frank discussions we had every session where you would patiently listen to me talk about my day or anything that caught my attention. The homework you assigned was also a good way for me to keep myself accountable and it helped reaffirm a more positive mindset and confident outlook towards life.

I would summarise the experience of working with you as enriching and fulfilling, and I am glad I made the decision to reach out to you.
I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family.”

SS, Singapore

“Post my sessions with Ruchi , there is clarity in my thought process and the sessions offer me a different perspective I may have been blind to prior to the session. I had been trying to find faults with my external environment. Instead I had learnt how to self-reflect and change within me and each session helps me explore “inside-out.
I now feel more confident in myself and my capabilities. I also feel more positive and encouraged to know that I can do a lot more for myself and my loved ones. I also know that if I really want something I need to remind myself how much I want it and I know that the universe will conspire to make it happen. I also feel that my decision making has improved, be it at work or even with personal relationships.
Since working with Ruchi, I have definitely learnt a lot and I am happy that there is an accountability system in place that keeps me going. I constantly remind myself the journey ahead may be long but I want to be happy and contended no matter what. Ruchi constantly reminds that what we think, what we say and what we act upon have to be aligned. This is one of the most enriching lessons that I am learning to embrace. I have also been able to identify my strengths which I should leverage and weaknesses that I should work on. During each session, Ruchi shares her set of coaching toolkit which serves to be useful at any point in time of my life.”


“The initial need for some direction/guidance in my life (professional life with touchpoints into private life) triggered my reaching out to Ruchi. I would not have expected such immediate positive impact which happened within the first few weeks – and remained since then. Thank you very much for such a transformational and sustainable impact!
I learnt much about myself and the impact my own actions/decisions have on any outcome – instead of being defined and driven by outside measures. A simple step early in the process which I initiated after our discussion helped me to significantly transform my approach towards my work, without being less effective but at the same time empowering others more and allowing me to focus on a sustainable work-life-balance.
A tangible result of our work together was finding a sustainable approach towards handling work and private life – without having less impact but with significantly more time for myself and creative thinking.
I particularly liked that you always ensured that I asked myself the hard and necessary questions – without judging but with a lot of understanding and support.
I would summarize the experience of working with Ruchi as transformational and empowering.
I definitely will recommend you to my friends/family”

Dev, Singapore

“I was experiencing this moment in life, in particular my career, where I felt like I needed to take a leap to pursue new opportunities. My spouse had introduced me to Ruchi whom she has heard great reviews about. I was initially reluctant as I was not so sure of the benefits this coaching would bring about. Nevertheless, I had an initial introductory call with Ruchi and thereafter decided to pursue this journey. This journey has been nothing short of clarity, fulfilment, and a wealth of knowledge.
From the get-go, Ruchi emphasised on an inside-out transformation. This paradigm shift enabled me to see things from a perspective I may have been blind to prior. Ruchi always had a set of tools that she shared which were timeless. She helped frame my thinking and shared the necessary tools which would be helpful to solve my issues. While some of the tools were familiar to me, Ruchi helped me become accountable and take specific actions.  This was important to me to know that I had someone to keep me on my toes and not give up. Through our sessions, I have also become more positive and probably drawn some of the vibrant energy that Ruchi possesses.
One of the tangible results of our work together has been that I have moved from finding external flaws in my environment to focusing on reinventing myself. My thoughts have also subconsciously shifted towards representing the identity of the person I want to become. This has been one of the major changes I have observed of myself. Some of the exercises such as journaling are slowly beginning to be part of my routine too. Ruchi understands the issues quickly and can frame them in a clear, concise manner and articulate my thoughts better than I would have. She always encourages me to speak freely for which she patiently listens in. It helps a lot that she is friendly and approachable. While there was the option of doing video calls given the pandemic situation, I am glad I had the coaching sessions in person.
One of the key lessons I have learnt through my sessions is to be happy and contented. Among the many tools that Ruchi shares, she always emphasises that the key goal in life is to seek happiness and contentment. And that sums up the experience of working with Ruchi – a fulfilling one indeed.
I will recommend Ruchi to anyone who needs a paradigm shift in their life or to meet their own life goals. Thank you for imparting those life lessons.”

S. Hughes, Singapore

“The reason I signed up to work with Ruchi is because I was looking for an outside/objective view (not friends or family) who could help me understand better why I was feeling frustrated with my chosen career and help me identify whether or not I should be looking to do something new. I was very happy with the decision. The tools and tactics that Ruchi provided were extremely useful in helping me adapt better to stressful situations. I realized that I was not just looking for insight into my career options, but also for support in managing professional anxiety and building confidence.
One tangible result of my work with Ruchi is that I realized that my chosen career does suit me, and that it’s in fact a good time to branch out on my own in my current field. I feel like I have more tools available to me to help me to stay confident in doing this.
Ruchi is always upbeat, empathetic and understanding, yet firm in her proposed courses of action, which made it easier for me to stick to my ‘homework’!”
I would summarize my experience as eye-opening and uplifting. I always looked forward to and felt better after my calls with Ruchi and I have already recommended her to my friends.

L.R. Singapore

“I came across Ruchi’s profile at a time where I thought I was well into losing control of my wheels whilst everyone around me thought I was steering impeccably, which makes conversations with anyone partial to you harder. I am glad I took the chance to have those otherwise impossible conversations with Ruchi. Ruchi is an excellent listener. Sometimes all it takes is to hear yourself utter those words that took no form before that moment, to realize how off tangent you are; or how obvious decisions are made seemingly distant only because you are unwilling to acknowledge it. She listens without judgment and has the right amount of skill and compassion to call it out when you are unwilling to acknowledge what stands before you or appear to be dragging your feet. She allows you room and space to come to your own. That worked well for the way I process and own things. As she calls, it everyone needs a non-biased sounding board. Do try!”

A.S. Singapore

“Each and every time I’ve left sessions with Ruchi, the first thing I do is call my mother and exclaim about how life changing my interactions with her have been. I only wish I was recommended her sooner – she’s been a driving force pushing me from self-awareness to action. It’s been rather revolutionary. Honestly, I used to feel guilty all the time. I found myself saying sorry for things that I wasn’t responsible for. Working with Ruchi has allowed me to be assertive and kind, while letting go of other people’s sorrows and reactions that are beyond my control. The best part about Ruchi is that she helps you put things you already know into action. She’s the catalyst to the otherwise slow progress that I was making. If it wasn’t for her, I would not have learnt to work my way out of my burnout, and realise that it’s okay to shift my values to serve me best.

I have been putting things into a different and a positive perspective. Implementing the key takeaways from each session is showing progress in me. I feel more light and hence more headspace to rethink and analyse and then act. Things have improved a lot. My perspective and approach towards my professional life has changed drastically and I see positive outcomes, I see results.”

Sujata Kumar, Singapore

“When I had my first session with Ruchi , I was expecting it to be with someone who would advise me and guide towards my life goals but instead she played a very important role in TEACHING me on how to choose my own directions and discover a new set of realistic, personal and professional goals.

Ruchi’s coaching gave me the inspiration and tools to explore my strengths and work towards them in a very systematic & organised way .

I needed that constant push and follow up to ensure my plan was executed and she was extremely helpful and prompt in supporting and encouraging me in my journey.

To be honest we hit it off on our first meeting. She came across to be someone who is extremely sensitive, sincere, calm and passionate about being a life coach.

For me ” She is a coach that connects with your heart ” & someone you can TRUST!”

I would highly recommend her to anyone as she has been instrumental in helping me move forward. She has given me the skill-set to prioritise and accomplish tasks as well set deadlines.

It has been an uplifting journey and the BEST thing I have learned is, how to stay focussed on my goals!

Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!”

S.M. Singapore

“I feel very positive and motivated post my sessions with Ruchi. She helps me feel super confident and very happy. Since I started working with Ruchi things have improved a lot. My perspective and approach towards my professional life has changed drastically and I see positive outcomes, I see results. I have been putting things into a different and positive perspective. Implementing the key takeaways from each session is showing progress in me. I feel more light and hence more headspace to rethink and analyse and then act.”


“I have been having trouble regarding an issue that has affected my personal and professional life. I used to fall into a trap of constant negative thoughts which would create stress and further issues for me. At times, I wouldn’t know how to deal with it.

I have known Ruchi for a few years now and I have admired her thought process and ability to guide people. Also, I know of some friends who have consulted Ruchi and have been very happy with her coaching process.


Working with her has taught me some important lessons that have helped to partly change the way I think. Some of those lessons are:

  • You attract what you wish for
  • You need to look after your family but in this process not ignore yourself
  • Certain things are not in your control and you have to let nature take its course
  • You need to give everyone a chance to prove themselves
  • You should not let one bad experience ruin a future good one

Discussing my issues with Ruchi has always helped me as she guides me to think in the right direction, helps to see issues in a new light. The best part is, she makes you think so the next time you are in a situation, you tend to think more rationally. Talking to her makes me a calmer person and avoid acting in haste.

What I like the most about working with Ruchi is that she is not afraid to tell you some harsh truths about yourself. She will make you aware of the things she feels you are doing wrong. At times, one needs to hear these things to avoid playing “victim” card.”


“I coincidently happened to come across Ruchi who was recommended in an Expat Wives Coaching post at a rather tenuous time in my life – you might call it divine intervention :). In general my life was in a pretty good place but I was finding it hard to deal with certain career decisions I was making and was struggling with confidence and self-belief. My previous workplace with its petty political games and stressful environment hadn’t helped and I was doubting myself and my capabilities despite being at a mid-senior level.

I went into our initial meeting feeling rather apprehensive, it was my first time with a coach but Ruchi listened and guided my thoughts bringing up new insights to my situation and by the time we were done, I felt fairly calm and positive about potential next steps.

What was interesting about her coaching style is through the subsequent sessions whether be it through action-oriented exercises or pertinent questions she insightfully empowered me to come to my own realisations about what I needed to do or reasons to believe in to stand up for myself. It was gradual but as I dealt with past issues, my self-belief and confidence built over the months and I could feel a difference in my energy and confidence. Towards the end of our time, the differences in me were clear enough to be commented on or noticed by people close to me, which ended up being the greatest proof of all.

I have since recommended Ruchi to several friends and acquaintances and believe she can be a powerful addition to anyone’s life journey.”

Anita Dewan, Singapore

“My struggle before I started working with Ruchi was that of anyone doing a mid career shift.

I was determined to do well but was facing everyday fears of self doubt, feeling incompetent, not efficiently managing the paper work, client follow up, having the right mindset and being on top of my game. Ruchi being a friend had always encouraged me and I decided to get her on board as my coach.
She has a great listening ear and a knack to pinpoint the real deeper underlying issues. She is sensitive and allows you to speak your heart out without judging what you tell her.
Ruchi has a stock of tricks n techniques that you can right away put into action and see results while also believing every step of the way in yourself. She is approachable and accessible and I always feel comfortable picking up the phone and sending her a text if I need to talk.
After working with Ruchi, I have definitely learnt to manage my time, my priorities and my emotions and am quick to figure when I am going off track and able to put myself back on track.
Life is and will always remain a challenge but it gives you great power to know you are well equipped to handle any obstacles with the right tools and techniques and a positive attitude which is easy to imbibe from a bubbling and positive coach by your side.
I would recommend Ruchi to anyone who is facing any blocks and hurdles and feeling stuck or not able to move forward. All the best Ruchi.”

Mira Fisher, Singapore

“Ruchi figures out what you need and helps you achieve it! From my first meeting with Ruchi I knew she was the coach I was looking for. She helped me gain my confidence back, concentrate on the important things in life and become the happy, relaxed and confident me. It is such a pleasure working with Ruchi that I highly recommend her sessions to all. Thank you Ruchi!”

Marianne Mudd, Singapore

“I was lucky enough to meet with Ruchi not long after I moved to Singapore. Whilst I was excited to have moved here, I had also been pretty upset at leaving family, friends and my career behind, and was in an odd place personally as I didn’t know what I wanted to do or be even as I had always been driven by my career before. One meeting with Ruchi was enough for me to organise my thoughts and tell myself (and Ruchi) what my objectives were for my time in Singapore… my own personal goals for my family life, my own health, my own career and my marriage. Two years on and I reflect back on how useful that was as I still look back to those objectives when I am a bit lost in myself… Thank you Ruchi!”

Neha Kumar, Hong Kong

“Soon after having my second child, having given up my career temporarily, I felt a void in my life. I didn’t know who I was besides being a mom to my kids. When I met Ruchi and understood what life coaching was, I wanted to give it a try to see if this is what I needed to help me. As I started seeing her, I felt I was seeing more hope, clarity towards attaining my long-term goals in life. She made me list out my priorities, which made me see myself in a different light and helped me work towards the balance I always wanted to achieve as a career woman and mom. I am much happier and content in life now thanks to Ruchi. She’s compassionate, emphatic and lead me to find my own path. I am so grateful and highly recommend sessions with her to anyone who may be dealing with any sort of personal issues.”

Anisha Shah, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Life Coaching can be a great tool in assisting one in making decisions and achieving goals. There is no better person than Ruchi Parekh to assist you through this process. She is highly gifted and intuitive person who is immediately able to get straight to the bottom of it, then help assimilate and construct your thoughts and direct and drive them in the best direction for you. I’d highly recommend her.”

Vidhi Shorewala, Mumbai, India

“Life is a rollercoaster and many a times the twists and turns can pull you down.Ruchi is the perfect coach who helps you not only to get back on the ride, but to enjoy it with confidence, enthusiasm and verve.I’m very thankful to have had her for a coach,her positivity,approach and problem solving skills really helped me to overcome obstacles in my life.”

Kanchan Pansari, Singapore

“It was my first experience of life coaching and I had underestimated the power of it, but guess what? It made me hit my problems bang on.. Ruchi Parekh was amazing in the the way she handled and understood me and the chaos going on in my life and she helped put everything in proper perpective!! Ruchi is charming, logical, level headed, she has the calming effect on you… just what one would want in a Life Coach!!”

Aparna Agarwal, Singapore

“I met Ruchi as a Friend to discuss my personal struggle at work and balancing my life with kids. While my work was giving me a personal self satisfaction, somewhere there was a guilt factor that my work was at the cost of my kids time. Ruchi gave me a perspective on what I really want and how to balance out my work life. What she said to me Instead of taking it or leaving it, there can be a solution of a mid way. Many times we think life or situations are black or white but Ruchi showed me several shades of grey in between and I am really thankful to her for that.”

Akanksha Gupta, Singapore

“I took coaching sessions with Ruchi, while I was in between jobs and had moved to Singapore. Ruchi was very motivational in getting my spirits up and making me focus on what I need to do to achieve my goals. Her enthusiastic and positive attitude is contagious, and I would highly recommend her services.”

Reeti Panigrahi, Singapore

“Ruchi has been a great mentor / coach for me and guided me whenever I have felt Low and directionless. I have visited her thrice formally and she has given me great inputs to bounce back and feel good about myself. Her ideas are very practical, easy to follow and if put to use consistently makes a great positive impact to life. Simple things like emphasising on writing down the positive things we have in our life every morning kept me upbeat. Most importantly I have never hesitated to call her / reach out to her and express my sorrows / frustrations. She is always there and understands that You have an issue and doesn’t keep a very professional formal relationship yet maintains your privacy which makes it easy to approach her. thanks Ruchi for always being there.”

Tina Talwar, Singapore

“Working with Ruchi has been an incredibly enriching experience. Her clarity of thought, incisive questioning and calm demeanour have worked wonderfully in guiding me through the process to achieve my goals. So glad I chose to work with her. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”


“My session with ruchi gave me a New perspective on the issue at hand. She is warm, patient and has a good listening ear and sometimes that’s what makes it better. Her take on the matter made me see it in a better light and her suggestions were easy to implement and very useful.”


“Ruchi is truly a people person . Had a session with her and she helped me with clearing my thoughts and helped me find solutions that worked best for me…Highly recommend a session with Ruchi.”


“I had an amazing session with Ruchi. She really makes you feel comfortable and at ease so you can open up and speak about the issues you are having. It’s seamless as if you are speaking to your best friend/sister and it helps you unravel what’s bothering and have clarity on how you can resolve the issues. I wouldn’t have tried going to life coach if it hadn’t been Ruchi. I highly recommend you try her and feel the experience for yourself.”

Payal Parikh, Mumbai, India

“Some times life pulls you into many different directions and it just leaves you pondering upon what’s going on. Thats when Ruchi came along and she actually taught me how to take action and do something about it. She not only gave me a patient listening but more importantly made me listen to my inner voice. She helped me deal with situations wherein earlier I would victimise myself but now emerge as a winner. She is an absolute live wire who can enthuse and encourage someone even when he or she is at an all time low. She truly is my ‘go to’ person and I really want to thank her for coaching me back to life.”

Jasveer Malaney, President – ICF Singapore Chapter

“On behalf of the Exco, I would like to thank you for all your support to lead and manage the Community of Practice, (COP) on Life Coaching since September 2016. Your events were well organized and designed to deepen the learning as well as were in collaboration with others, which allowed the members to learn from the sharing by you and fellow coaches. You have worked hard and have been diligent and focused in making each event better for your colleagues.  As a person you are a calm and level headed, a natural & genuine listener and with your excellent interpersonal skills you engaged the new and old members to settle in well – all great ingredients for a successful coach.  You are an eager learner, and equally committed to giving back and the dedication and heart you have put to plan out these events is a testimony to that. We have been privileged to have you as a part of ICF Singapore Team and wish you the very best in your coaching career.”

Ruth Waldron, Singapore

“When I was looking for a coach I was looking for someone who is professional, practical and empathetic. I didn’t just want to follow a 10-step plan to achieve my goals. I think it’s important to have a rapport with your coach and after our fist meeting I felt that we were a good fit. I was very happy with my decision. I felt that you didn’t push me too hard but were still very clear and sensible in your approach. I didn’t really think twice once I felt we got on well. Cost was a consideration for me, but the fact that your time was reasonably priced and there was no big sell to buy a package, or a minimum number of sessions required was a plus. I think that our work and discussions allowed me to clear my mind and plan a way forward. I had a kind of mental block and needed a guiding hand to move past it. My discussions with you helped me to see my potential and to allow myself to pursue my goals without feeling conflicted about whether they were valid. I’ve never had a life coach before but I think your personal investment in my case certainly put me at ease and gave me confidence to pursue my goals. I still have a way to go but I have the mental freedom now to move forward. Your confidence, patience and practical advice and tools were just what I needed. I felt that you were very human and warm in your approach – sometimes people who coach or train can be too pushy and use a more “tough love” approach, that doesn’t work for me. I have recommended you to my friends and family.”

Gautam Talwar, Singapore

“Ruchi is a natural coach. She is calm, intuitive and wise beyond her years. She holds up a mirror, listens well, frames your alternatives, then gives you the healthy nudge to make your own choices.”


“Thanks Ruchi. It was great working with you and I wish you all the best. I was at juncture in life where I could not think straight and needed guidance. That made me sign up to work with you. I was happy with my decision. It was not an impulsive decision but yes I did think twice before joining you on the coaching journey. Our work together solved the issue I was facing to some extent. I have never worked like this with any one else.  It was very motivating and you have a very positive approach towards everything in life. You have a good positive vibe. Love your spirit. Have found a good friend whom I can call on anytime. I will recommend you to my friends and family.”

Anahita Bhatia, Singapore

“I contacted Ruchi at a time in my life where I was trying to find my own identity. Ever since I became an adult I have always been someone’s wife or someone’s mother. I was looking to take stock of my life thus far and push it forward in a direction that made me happy. I wasn’t quite sure what a life coach did and what I was going to gain from the process but I decided to take the plunge as I knew I needed a bit of a push. Ruchi was warm and welcoming and helped me structure my goals into smaller more attainable ones. She gently guided me through building my career and completing things I had started and never finished. She helped me see that by taking the time to focus on myself and building up my business I would be able to develop a renewed sense of self-esteem and self worth.  Let’s be clear – there were moments when I thought perhaps I didn’t need a life coach – but we were able to redirect these doubts into a more focused approach towards building up my business and my career. I definitely have seen tangible results from the process – more clients, getting stuff done by the stipulated time, feeling like I am worth this time and most of all developing a steady income stream for the first time in my life. I would definitely recommend Ruchi as a life coach to my friends and family. Thanks Coach Ruch!!!”

Andrew Compton, Singapore

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with you. Why did I sign up to work with you? I had spent a number of months moving down a career path that I ultimately knew I wasn’t happy with, but which seemed to me my only option at the time. Initially, I wanted to talk to someone to get some perspective on my situation; to gain some validation for my decision to break from this course, and to figure out a way to move on. My wife saw you were recommended on the Expat Housewives Facebook Page, and suggested I get in touch, so I took a chance on an initial meeting.I was initially sceptical as I didn’t know what a Life Coach did! I didn’t have any context for what to expect, and was worried I’d embark on an expensive adventure that didn’t deliver real results.From our first meeting, I immediately felt a weight lift from my shoulders. I was gaining the confidence to let myself trust my own decisions and intuition, and the perspective to formulate and enact a plan to improve my situation. The tips and techniques we worked on, even as simple as writing down my aspirations, or my thoughts on certain topics, really helped to clarify my mind and focus me on taking positive steps to achieve my goals. I learned some valuable techniques to rely on when times were tough, but I also knew that I can call on you when I needed an extra boost or bit of support. Since working with you, I’ve made a positive change in my attitude to work and life, and I understand the importance of taking time to foster and improve that attitude. It’s not always something that comes easily, but I know now it’s ultimately something I’m in control of. I don’t have experience working with other people in a similar capacity, but working with you was overwhelmingly positive and supportive. You challenged me to take responsibility for my own self-improvement and made sure that I had the tools to stick to it. I initially found it a bit uncomfortable to have somebody as my personal cheerleader! However, I soon came round to the value of having you supporting and challenging me to improve. Your enthusiasm and positivity is infectious! You took time to listen carefully and understand my concerns, and I felt like we could challenge ideas and perspectives to come to the best conclusion.Working with you is my best decision of 2017. I will absolutely recommend you to my friends and family!


“I was all fogged up in my head, trying to multi task, overwhelmed by it all and unable to be achieve my goals at that phase in my life. I was happy with my decision of working with Ruchi but privacy was a concern, it wasn’t an impulsive decision. Working with Ruchi transformed my life from the first go. She gave me the push that I needed. I was like that car which needed a push before it kickstarts & she did it by making me Believe in myself. Ruchi is the first life coach I have worked with. She is extremely approachable, likeable. I feel a sense of comfort & reassurance with her. Ruchi is accessible when I need her & these factors combined made her a great choice for my requirement. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family.


“I noticed that I was not happy with my life. I didn’t feel any sense of accomplishment, which in-turn made me sad or grumpy. I knew I had to change this in order to be a happier person. I saw your name recommended on several FB forums and thought why not give this a try. This has been the best decision so far for me. I did have to give it a little bit of thought before signing up because one of the factors involved, was the cost and having to discuss it with my better half about it. It was not impulsive decision, but in fact a well thought out one which both me and my husband were fully on-board with. Working with you has definitely set the wheels in motion for a better life and a better me. I am now aware of and armed with few cool tips to help me approach each situation with a more balanced approach. I’m sure that as I put them into practice everyday, they will become second nature to me. I haven’t worked with anyone else. I love the fact that you are such a great listener and empathized with my situation. You asked “Why” at the exact right moments to have me wondering and questioning my own ways that I had been doing for so long (almost on an autopilot mode). The power of affirmations and journaling made things so much more real and tap into my real self. I was struggling with my priorities and juggling many things as a full time working mom. I didn’t feel happy nor did I have a sense of accomplishment for a while which was frustrating.  When I met you, you made me feel extremely comfortable right from the get go and asked me just the right questions to get my thoughts in place. During our sessions, you would listen, empathize and understand my perspective and gently nudge me in the right direction. You have given me some invaluable tools and tips to help me overcome stressful situations and be a happier person. I feel so much more confident in my abilities. Thank you Ruchi! I most definitely would recommend you :)”

Naureen Sattar, Singapore

“I met Ruchi at her presentation at Yong An Park. She was so convincing that I decided to try her coaching as I was going through real difficult phase of my life and was so messed up and confused about my abilities and goals. After few sittings I felt so good about myself as she taught me how to start loving myself first and appreciating my multiple abilities. She really made me feel empowered and thus I started organising myself. She made me feel enthusiastic about my achievements in life and helped to manage them in a more productive way. Thank you so much Ruchi. God bless you always.”


“I was in a terrible frame of mind where I was overthinking work situations/deliverables and doubting my ability to deliver at work.  I found myself trying to avoid challenging situations, which had, until now got me on a fast growth track in my career. I was also low on confidence. This started impacting my personal life too as I was always preoccupied and anxious. My breaking point (which made me sign up with Ruchi) was when my daughter asked me, “papa, are you not happy spending time with me? You are always thinking about things”. Ruchi is a close friends wife and I had previously not met her.  I was at first hesitant to work with her for two reasons:

  1. I was worried she would discuss our conversations with her husband
  2. She may judge me as a friend / person.

I deliberated a lot in my mind but then I got the chance meet Ruchi in person. I got to know her and felt I could trust her to be objective. I still get triggered by situations but find myself being able to deal with most of these much better. I feel far more confident about my abilities and have a lot more appreciation for the things I have achieved – both monetarily as well as in my personal relationships.  I am back to working on challenging assignments at work and putting myself out there. Ruchi is expressive and does not have a poker face while speaking.  She connects with the individual first and then goes into the deeper stuff that one wants to work on. This interaction felt personal when compared to others (e.g. psychiatrists) where I came out of meetings feeling they were very impersonal and that limited my ability to open up with them. Ruchi puts across your points in a simple manner.  She reprimands me at times, but in a manner which conveys the message without hurting my feelings. I would summarise working with her as “gratifying”! I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family.”


“Ruchi has been our pillar of support with her ever-smiling persona and positive vibe. Her words of encouragement, support and patience on dealing with the issue at hand has given us a lot of reassurance. She has provided valuable perspective and insights into the problem and strengthened our ability to face the challenge at hand.”

Richard Hartung, Singapore

“I originally signed up with Ruchi through a special deal at SAS. I found her insights so valuable that, despite expecting that I would only do a one-off session, I signed up for longer-term coaching. Having a third party to provide insights on career and personal relationships has been tremendously valuable. Ruchi has provided perspectives and ideas that have changed how I look at my career and how I engage with my network of contacts and friends. I have used her advice to enhance a how I work and how I develop my personal relationships. I am grateful for her insights, perspective and support.”

Tanmay Joshi, New Zealand

“I was going through a very difficult time with challenges in health, relationships and job. Due to this, I needed some guidance on what I can do that might reduce the negative effect this has been having on me. I surely am happy with my decision to work with Ruchi. It was not an impulsive decision but a well thought through decision. I wanted to understand the difference between coaching and counselling. When I understood the difference, I did not make any delay in signing up. The work we did together gave me clarity on where I am going wrong and understand what is/ was causing confusion in my mind. ​I have not worked with any other coach. I have had counselling sessions earlier but not coaching. This was my first experience. What I liked was that the conversations and sessions were not only about talking but also about learning what is important and identifying my strengths and challenges.At the end of every session, there is a “homework” – an action to help get more clarity in my thought process. My experience has been great and I am glad that I decided to work with Ruchi. I learnt journaling and understood how journaling makes dealing with challenges easier.  It also changed my perspective of looking at scenarios.I would surely recommend Ruchi to my friends and family. I actually have already let my friends and immediate family know.


“I signed up with Ruchi because I was looking for a professional coach who can understand the pressure and demands of work related stress and can help navigate the energy and emotions thoughtfully. I was very happy with my decision to work with Ruchi. The personal relationships and friendships usually could not guide me in my career decisions so it was important for me to look for professional help. My interactions with Ruchi were insightful and brought to fore some deeper issues that I had to address. These interactions also gave me perspective on my own capabilities and strengths that had gotten buried due to demands of daily life. I have not worked with anyone else before. I particularly liked Ruchi’s action oriented approach and clear guidance; she also had very good understanding of the issues. I would summarise my experience of working with Ruchi as very positive and reinforcing. I would absolutely recommend her to my friends and family!

J.V. Singapore

“I feel energized and motivated after my sessions with Ruchi. I feel there is more clarity on actions to be taken. That is my biggest takeaway from working with her. It gives me confirmation that I am on the right track with certain thoughts and decisions.

Initially I did not give it much thought and felt like life is going as per normal but when I paused I realised a lot has changed since I started working with Ruchi.

Firstly, I have hacked my procrastination problem.

Secondly, there’s more self-awareness internally and also how I react to situations and the environment has changed. I am able to step out of the situation I am in and become an observer. It helps me understand and address the problem. It has created higher awareness for me.

Since I have started working with Ruchi, I am making progress in many fronts, namely: 

  • I focus on one goal at a time without getting worked up about other goals.
  • I am not getting stressed out.
  • The biggest change I believe is on the work front. Work is always busy but the way I now approach it is yet providing me with time to do other things.
  • I now know and have the confidence that I am going to have it all!”

Malar, Malaysia

The reason I started working with Ruchi is because I was assigned to her via PrimeTime Coaching sessions, nevertheless I was extremely happy and satisfied to be a part of her coaching journey.

The core issue identified was lack of self-confidence within me which lead to ownership mindset at my work area. I took Ruchi’s suggestion and guidance that we learnt through the coaching journey and implemented them as and where it was possible in my personal life and it worked well for my career too.

One very obvious tangible result of my work with Ruchi is that I started to take up projects in my career voluntarily (ownership mindset) and managed to be on the driver’s seat driving certain topics. My manager observed this and appreciated that she now sees me (loud and clear) with positive notes.  What I particularly liked about Ruchi is that she is very approachable and helped me to identify the core issue at hand.

Summarising my experience on the whole, I enjoyed the journey.  I didn’t expect it could bring out the inner confidence in me when I faced the public forums in my career.

I would definitely recommend Ruchi to my friends or your family.”

D., Singapore

The discussion during the session helped me to get more clarity and understanding of my situation. I felt encouraged and excited to try the suggested and agreed strategies. Having applied the suggested strategies in various situations – and seeing the impact made – I am happy with the overall outcome and developments towards my goals post my sessions.

Since I have started working with Ruchi, I have been able to significantly change my approach towards completing my tasks in private as well as business life – after having identified the necessary steps that needed to be taken. Overall I was able to make positive changes to my work-life-balance which are now lasting for close to two months. This is a change I did not expect to take place so soon after starting to work with Ruchi – so thanks Ruchi for your guidance and for steering me in the right direction!”

Yukti Lohia, India

“Ruchi, your posts are very motivating and remind me of little things we tend to overlook which are important to us. You are giving to society so selflessly and beautifully that it encourages me to work towards doing good in own my way too. Your guidance to my friend Shweta was commendable. Sometimes we just need a ear to listen to all that is going on within us. But often our near and dear ones get biased in helping us out so we look for someone who would listen without any prejudice. You did just that!! I would strongly recommend Coach Ruch to anyone who needs guidance in any and every area of life. Her subtle and selfless ways make you fall in love with her instantly and you’re able to open your heart out as easily!!

J.S., Dubai

“I have been working with Ruchi for the last 3 years. An overwhelming (so it seemed at the time) work assignment disrupted my mental equilibrium and I found myself doubting my ability to deliver and my thinking was all foggy. I know Ruch as a friend and was very skeptical about her being able to maintain ‘chinese walls’ between our friendship and coaching relationships. I expressed my fears and after a candid discussion, signed up with Ruchi with the intention of tiding over the work assignment. And there began a transformational journey which is 3 years old and counting. I could say that I (over) delivered the assignment, switched roles (something I thought was impossible) and consider myself on the fast track within the organisation. However, I believe these are biproducts of the shift within me which started once we started working together and I continue to learn during my sessions with Ruchi. What I admire about her style is she gives me my space, lets me operate at the pace I am comfortable with and tells me things as they are and not as I would like to hear. She does not give me the answer but equips me with the tool for me to come up with a solution. Although majority of my conversations are around my professional life, I have occasionally consulted her on a spiritual predicament with similar results.
Although my friends call me an open book, I am a deeply private person on social media. Hence, I prefer remaining anonymous but happy to connect 1:1 (via Ruchi) if you would like to discuss anything specific about my coaching sessions with Ruchi.”

Deepa Balji, Singapore

“A friend Susie Hughes recommended Ruchi to me and I am very happy with the decision to sign up to work with her. Our work together solved challenges I was facing – all beautiful and solvable challenges. Ruchi gave me clarity in thought. Ruchi, you were supportive and you actually gave me self-awareness. And you built a personable relationship with me. I would summarize the experience of working with Ruchi as pleasant and actionable! I would 100% recommend her to my friends and family.”

I.U. Singapore

“The first session with Ruchi was nothing short of miraculous for me- I was in a really bad space and somehow her positivity pulled me through that patch. I now feel slightly more confident of tackling some personal issues- things I have been putting off, I am able to take charge of them. Professionally too, I enjoy the motivation boost from her sessions that keeps me driving.”

M.C. Global Marketing Leader, Consumer Goods Industry

I was feeling stuck in my career. Previously, I was considered a high performing individual, but over the recent years I haven’t been feeling like I’ve reached my full potential. I decided to work with Ruchi based on some of the feedback I’ve heard about her via social media groups and her testimonials. My decision was confirmed when I did an exploratory session with her. I felt she was the right person for my needs and I’m happy I’ve made the decision to work with her as my coach.

Our work together helped me to understand the root cause of why I haven’t lived up to my potential and what was driving my imposter syndrome. I wouldn’t say that my life has fully transformed yet because it will take a lot of work from my end to address this. However, the knowledge and awareness of what’s driving my inability to progress has been an eye opener for me. Previously I thought Ruchi could “fix” me by giving me a bunch of tools I can use and advising me on what needs to be done. That’s only the start of the solution. Ruchi has made me realize that only I have the power to change my situation.

What I particularly liked about Ruchi’s approach and delivery was that I like how she’s assertive, but has a positive attitude. I also like that she digs for answers to get a real understanding for where I’m coming from.

Working with Ruchi was a cathartic experience for me as it opened my eyes to appreciating how powerful our mind is in driving all elements of our lives. Previously, I knew that my negative self-talk was bad and thought the answer was just to shut it out. Through our sessions, I’ve realized that thoughts manifest itself in our actions and surroundings, so shutting them out doesn’t help. Apart from the psychological aspect of working with her, there are also practical tools she’s provided to help me better manage my day, feel more productive, and focused on my goals. While I don’t think I’ve made a full transformation after our sessions, I do feel really positive about the direction I’m heading.

  1. Would you recommend me to your friends or your family?

I would recommend her particularly for those struggling with the same issues I have.

Anonymous , Singapore

“Post my sessions with Ruchi, I felt encouraged but daunted at the same time. Encouraged because I know what I need to work on for myself, daunted because it requires a bit of ‘reprogramming’ on my part.

I feel calmer and less stressed. Ironically, I feel more control when I let go of trying to control certain things.

I used to think that I would be all set once I have the tools I needed to set me in the right direction. I’ve since realized that it goes deeper than that, and a fair amount of reprogramming needs to happen for me to truly achieve the personal goals I had set out in the first session. However, I’m feeling more committed to myself now and I understand that this is going to be a long journey for me, so I have to be patient with myself as well.”

Dr. C , Singapore

“I decided to sign up with Ruchi because I felt that I needed to take control of my life and I needed a coach to help me identify the areas I was stuck in and how to push forward to attain the life I want for myself. Our work together helped me to have a growth mentality and to negotiate for what I want in life. A tangible result of our work together was that I managed to identify what I want in my career and to attain it, so one thing in my life that is sorted out, which Ruchi helped me in! Ruchi is always encouraging and helps me to clarify my thoughts and identify with what I want and what makes me happy. It was a great experience! I would recommend Ruchi to my friends and family.”