It’s more than a community, it’s a sanctuary for growth, reflection, and connection by using the powerful tool of journaling to help you succeed and be happy in all avenues of your life.


It’s more than a community, it’s a sanctuary for growth, reflection, and connection by using the powerful tool of journaling to help you succeed and be happy in all avenues of your life.

Did you know that MOST successful people like Einstein, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Warren Buffet, Obama, and Oprah Winfrey kept a journal? Also, that journal keeping could be the most disciplined and consistent way to bring improvements in your personal or professional life? Journaling is one of the most scientifically backed personal development tool (after meditation).

So, stop chasing another hack, tip, or another self-help book, instead try to develop the habit of successful people - by keeping a daily journal.


  • You want to feel more confident and have a higher self-esteem
  • You’re looking to improve their overall wellbeing
  • You want to build better relationships
  • You are seeking happiness and want to alleviate stress and finding it hard
  • You are looking to progress in your career, get a promotion or change jobs but don’t know where to start
  • You want to set clear goals and be accountable to yourself
  • You feel overwhelmed and your life feels out of control
  • You want to clearly identify areas of life that need improvement
  • You want to gain deep insight and awareness into who you really are


When you become a member of The Journaling Club, you’ll receive all the strategies, tools, and techniques you need to help improve your life in all aspects.
You’ll finally be able to feel confident about your life and learn how to live the best version of yourself.


  • Learn the wisdom and power of keeping a journal for growth
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Beat the Imposter Syndrome
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Use top 5 Journaling techniques I have used that changed my life
  • Understand what is holding you back and how you can fix it right now
  • Lay the foundational habits for permanent change
  • Organize and plan each day with a journal for productivity



WhatsApp Community Access

  • Vibrant WhatsApp community, providing a safe and supportive space for exploration and growth in a non- judgemental environment.
  • Engage with fellow members, share insights, and foster meaningful connections centred around the art of journaling.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

  • An opportunity to work with me live 
  • Pose questions related to journaling directly within the WhatsApp group and well as during the Live Zoom calls conducted monthly.
  • Receive personalized responses and guidance from me, to enrich your journaling journey.

Weekly Journal Prompts

  • Each month a topic will be covered, eg. Health, money, relationships, work, etc. 
  • Weekly journal prompts covering the month’s topic will be shared. These are created  to inspire reflection, introspection, and personal growth.
  • Use the power of guided prompts to unlock new perspectives, insights, and avenues for self-discovery.

Limited Group Size

  • Experience the intimacy of a limited group size, with membership capped at 100 participants.
  • Foster deeper connections and engagement within a close-knit community dedicated to mutual support and encouragement.
  • Access to a global community of individuals on the same journey as you

Exclusive Zoom Session

  • There will be 1 Live Zoom session of 30 minutes conducted every month on the topic of the month. 
  • Participate in interactive discussions, gain expert insights, and deepen your understanding of how journaling can catalyse transformative change in your life.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • Personalized one-on-one coaching sessions offered at a special discounted rate for the members of The Journaling Club tailored to your unique needs, goals, and aspirations.
  • Receive expert guidance, support, and accountability as you navigate the complexities of your personal growth journey.

Community Engagement Events

  • Enjoy exclusive invitations to special community engagement events, including virtual workshops, guest speaker series, and collaborative projects designed to foster camaraderie and connection among members.

Bonus Materials

  • Exclusive access to free downloadable e-books, worksheets related to journaling.
  • Monthly Journaling challenges with specific themes and prompts to encourage deeper exploration.
  • Accountability Buddy Check-Ins with your partner in the group to help you stay accountable and motivated with your journaling practice.
  • Weekly member spotlight to celebrate successes and inspire each other.
  • Multiple payment options available.


Here’s how it works…

  • Every month a topic will be selected and all journaling will revolve around that topic
  • Once a month there will be a Live Zoom session with me to discuss the topic and ask any questions in real time on Journaling
  • Got a question post the live? You can ask it in the discussion thread in the private WhatsApp group
  • Everything happens in the Whatsapp group so it’s easy to access and to make the changes in your life
  • Remember, you’re not alone! When you’re a member of the Journaling Club, you’ll have the support and guidance of myself and other community members.

Right now, you have the
choice of two options

You can either do it alone…

Struggle through all the headaches of trying to figure out how to succeed in life with “trial and error”… (Been there, done that, not fun.)

Or you can join us inside the Journaling Club and shortcut your success. 

The decision is entirely up to YOU.
Yearly membership saves you $60


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I just wanted to drop you a quick note to express my deepest gratitude for your amazing journaling program. Your insights were truly eye-opening and have undoubtedly left a positive impact on many souls.Your guidance on the different types of journaling and the freedom to use multiple books or a single book for different purposes has been a game-changer. It has empowered me to embrace a more flexible and personalized approach to journaling, making it a safe and judgment-free space for me to express myself and explore my thoughts without any inhibitions.
02Gayathrisai Chandrasekaran
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Ruchi, I wanted to say thank you and share my experience. I’m 3 months postpartum and the course nudged me to get back to my journaling practice. This helped me see so many positive things in my life whilst my mind was spinning all negative stories! I didn’t have diagnosed pp depression but I was somewhere along the spectrum feeling terribly low and hopeless many times. Since I went back to my journaling (which is directly as a consequence of your course) I’ve been feeling a lot better. Big hug and thank you.
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Thanks to Coach Ruchi, I have been doing it on a daily basis now and it has brought me so much clarity of thought. Ruchi broke the process down into smaller executable items that could be very well fit into one's schedule whether you are having a busy day or you are on-the-go. She also gave a diverse range of ideas on what to journal and I have ordered her "cue cards" to help with the prompts. Sometimes all you need is a little nudge and you get into the flow. Thanks for the very useful journaling sessions Coach Ruch.
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I've been journaling so much I ran out of books! Today I went out and bought 3 books - one for gratitude; one for manifesting my day and the last for goals and random bad days as there are learnings in bad days. What a game changer! I am as calm as a lake, in control of my emotions and feel more relaxed Everything is happening for me. I'm in my power and element. Thank you Coach Ruchi
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I attended Ruchi's Journaling program and it was life-changing. I had always wanted to do journaling myself but unable to build a consistent routine around it. Sometimes it would be sporadic moments of penning down and other times scrambling for ideas on what to write. Ruchi's sessions helped me to create a standard framework and discipline around what and how to journal.
06Tanu Lele, Mumbai, India
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I absolutely adore Ruchi's journaling workshop sessions. Her deep insights and the way she weaves real-life experiences into the material are simply remarkable. Ruchi, your sessions were not only enlightening but also incredibly meaningful to me personally. Thank you for generously sharing your wisdom.
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I signed up for Ruchi’s journaling program as I wanted to embark on my journaling journey but didn’t know where to begin. The workshop packed in a lot in a short duration of time. It was informative, interactive and very engaging. Ruchi even had a couple of follow up sessions post the workshop to check in on our progress and helped answer all our queries.
08Bhumi Kothari, Singapore
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You hear about “writing in your personal diary” from the time you are in primary school - but Ruchi’s journaling program explains you the reason behind it, why it benefits you and how it can help you in many different ways.
09Nisha Punjabi, Dubai
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I have been trying manifestation since years, but I feel it’s only now that I have truly understood how to do it correctly. If I had to sum it up - I feel lighter, happier, and closer to achieving my dreams now thanks to Coach Ruchi.
70Namrata Chawla Kapoor, Singapore
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It’s been two months since Coach Ruchi’s Journaling Program and journaling has become a part of my daily routine. I would highly recommend everyone to sign up for it. It’s really been a transformative journey for me.
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Journaling never seemed like a useful tool to me, but after randomly coming across Ruchi's program on Instagram, signing up for it on a whim, and following her tips, I feel my life is changing!
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After learning journaling from Ruchi, I have been able to let go more easily, switch from stress to its-all-ok mode within minutes, understand why I do what I do, and have a constant feeling of gratefulness because I write about it every day.


Unfortunately not, however there is no joining fee or cancellation fee! We recommend joining on the $35/month option to test it for yourself for 1 month and start seeing real results – then after the 1 month you can cancel any time!

Yes! The membership works for anyone and everyone who wants to turn their life around for the better and live the best version of themselves pulling in anything they desire into their life.

The Journaling Club is suitable for all adults from age 18+ across all walks of life. Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, mid-level professional or homemaker, this membership will change your life. It is for anyone looking to improve their overall wellbeing. It will also help build better relationships. If you are seeking happiness and want to alleviate stress, it’s for you. If you are looking to progress in your career, get a promotion or change jobs,set clear goals and be accountable to yourself this is for you. If you feel overwhelmed & out of control & you want to clearly identify areas of life that need improvement, this is for you.

  • Systematically designed membership with step-by-step guidance
  • All areas of life including personal and professional life will be covered in the 12 months and beyond.
  • Learn the skill of keeping a journal
  • Get organized about your goals and task with a journal
  • Get clarity on mental thoughts and self-reflect
  • Increase your self-awareness to enhance your life
  • Make educated and good decisions in the present for your future
  • Learn from the journals of successful people like Einstein, Thomas Edison etc. 
  • Strong Q&A support and accountability from our community
  • Live interaction & Q&A with Coach Ruchi Parekh
  • No fluff, only results
  • Experience real change

Yes, absolutely! The 12-month membership will auto-renew every 365 days so if you’d like to cancel just let us know before by sending an email to

Additional Information

  • If you want to cancel your membership please send an email to before the start of the next month or before the expiry of your membership in the last month of it to avoid recurring payment
  • 3-monthly membership $100 (save $5)
  • 12-monthly membership $360 (save $60)
  • Subscriptions are automatically direct debited and recurring until cancelled
  • Notice via email to required to cancel your membership 
  • 1 person/membership access to the private Whatsapp Group
  • Live recordings are only accessible to the members for the period of one month post the session
  • ⁠You may enroll at any point during the month and receive full benefits for that month. Enrollment is not restricted to the first day of the month. The primary information for each month will be shared during a Zoom call, and a recording will be provided for those unable to attend the live session. Discussions/ Q&A on the topic of the month will be in the whatsapp group.

Ruchi Parekh

My name is Ruchi Parekh, I am an Executive/ Career / Life Coach. I’m also a Lawyer, NLP Practitioner, Keynote Speaker and Author. I have over 1000+ hours of coaching under my belt having coached hundreds of clients for over 9 years.

I have been keeping a journal for the past 30+ years and in the journaling club I will teach you how I used my journal to get high-grades, awards, jobs, get out of a bad marriage, find my new soul mate, have children and also start my own business!

How would it feel to finally set your own goals and gain control of your life, to start successfully achieving those goals, to improve every area of your life including your health and fitness, your mental and spiritual well-being, your relationships with your family and/or partner, your personal development and your financial situation?

The only thing you need to be is motivated and committed to giving your 100% effort. When you do this you’ll realize that every goal is achievable and everything you want in life is attainable.

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