Work With Ruchi:

Growing up as little girls we were told we could have it all. If we wanted, we could get amazing jobs, run our own businesses and do as we pleased, all the while keeping the family happy.

However, after a decade or so in corporate, you realise that it’s not that easy. You find yourself juggling all the balls, namely, work deadlines, management pressures while also making sure that there is food made at home, kids and spouse are well taken care of, groceries are stocked, etc. Today, professional women find themselves at a crossroads trying to be everywhere and do a perfect job at it, sadly losing themselves in the struggle.

Hi, I am Ruchi Parekh and I help women like you fall in love with your life again!

I help women professionals who are ambitious, go-getters wanting it all. You proverbially have “everything” already but yet feel you lack “something”. I will work with you to find the missing piece of the puzzle making you feel happier and more fulfilled. You feel that life is passing you by too quickly and you want to slow down. You feel lost at times juggling the various roles you play leaving no time for yourself. You are beginning to lose confidence and end up with low self-esteem. Sometimes you even face the Imposter Syndrome and may also feel like you are hitting the glass ceiling. You feel like you are losing control over your life.

Working with me helps you feel empowered because coaching is a journey where I as a coach will guide you and hold your hand but the actions and responsibility are taken by you and when you ultimately achieve what you were looking for it is the most empowering feeling. It makes you happy, fulfilled, validated and in control of your life. It transcends to confidence and allows you to embrace your imperfections and enjoy life with less pressure and stress.

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