About Ruchi

“Hi there! A little secret – I wasn’t born a life coach! I’m a trained lawyer – not the boring ‘black gown, courtroom dorky’ kind, in case you’re wondering! My friends find me social, amicable and energetic. I’ll keep you on your toes and make sure you get your work done.

I was born, educated and worked in Mumbai before moving to Hong Kong, where I worked as a lawyer for 2 years till we moved to Singapore. I feel blessed to have lived and worked in three different countries. Different cities, different ways of life, different people and I truly believe that these travels and their diversity has richened my understanding, appreciation and perspective when it comes to individuals.

Maternity leave after my first child gave me time to think about what I wanted to do in the next phase of my life. Funnily, going back to the corporate world didn’t mean as much to me anymore and as clichéd as it sounds, I wanted to do something more. Give back from where I have always received so much. At that point I did not know what it was that I was looking for but I searched hard and eventually found it…

I quit my job as a lawyer and decided to embark on this new adventure of being a LIFE COACH!

Looking back at what life experiences I cherished the most, it was almost always a personal interaction with a friend or family member at trying times for them and rarely a transaction or courtroom event.

Helping people out of their conundrums has been a very gratifying and rewarding experience for me. People say they like opening up to me because I truly listen without judgment and without a pre-conceived response to their rants. I become part of them, their thought process and the eventual solution.

I know that I can make a positive difference to the way you perceive, handle and solve your issues. I’m ready to help you help yourself…. ARE YOU?”