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Ruchi Parekh: Executive Coach


  • You have “everything” but you’re not happy
  • You drag your feet to work every day even though you’re paid well, and are great at your job
  • You need help but don’t know what kind of help you need
  • Feel empty / not fulfilled / something is missing
  • You want something more from life
  • Lost  – you’re taking care of everyone else in your life. Your kids, spouse, job
  • Everyone but yourself. You come last
  • You project a strong, can do everything persona to everyone else, but inside you feel low on confidence and self-steem
  • You are losing control of your life, going through it on autopilot
  • You are striving to be perfect all the time


  • Want to feel “happy” and good about yourself
  • Wake up with a smile in the morning
  • Feel empowered and confident
  • Be in love with life
  • Feel accomplished
  • Feel like you’ve made “it”, “made a difference”, “left a mark”
  • Feel less pressured and stressed
  • Feel sure and proud about yourself
  • Be in control of your life
  • Learn to embrace your own imperfections


Empower ambitious professionals, who proverbially have “everything” but feel they are still missing something in their lives. It could be you feel that life is passing you by too quickly and that you want to slow down. Or you could feel lost juggling the various roles you play, leaving no time for yourself. Perhaps you are beginning to lose confidence and wonder if you’re on the right path. Maybe you’ve hit the glass ceiling at work! In any of these scenarios, I expertly help my clients like you identify your priorities,  re-invent yourself, and regain control over your life. Through helping clients define what “Having It all” means for them – as compared to what society has told them – I am able to guide you on how to realign your inner compass and then take the positive steps needed to achieve it.

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“What Happy Clients Say”

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with you. Why did I sign up to work with you? I had spent a number of months moving down a career path that I ultimately knew I wasn’t happy with, but which seemed to me my only option at the time. Initially, I wanted to talk to someone to get some… Read more
Andrew Compton, Singapore
Before I started working with Ruchi, I was riddled with completely unfounded guilt. Despite achieving amazing feats for a 22 year old, my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I felt unloved, and unable to make the people around me happy. All this coupled with repeated adverse… Read more
Akanksha Subramaniam, Singapore
“I noticed that I was not happy with my life. I didn’t feel any sense of accomplishment, which in-turn made me sad or grumpy. I knew I had to change this in order to be a happier person. I saw your name recommended on several FB forums and thought why not give this a try… Read more
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